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Dani Jay's Bio

Dani Jay’s strikingly soft facial features, delicate demeanor and gentle tone of voice may captivate your attention, but she is so much more than meets the eye.

With a Master of Business Administration degree, an Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Fashion, Dani Jay earned her position as a lead accountant at one of the world’s leading digital industrial multinational conglomerates. Dani Jay also uses her business acumen as a Chatfield College adjunct professor. Still, Dani finds herself defending her worth because of her womanhood. Ironically, her passions for fashion and women empowerment are the very things she has wielded to fight for herself.

Dani Jay was born in Cincinnati, Ohio as the middle child of nine siblings. As is imaginable, her large family often got creative when it came to preserving resources. When the time returned for them to update wardrobes, her mother would take them to discounted fashion stores like TJ Maxx for the basics; but to complete their closet, Dani Jay, along with her six sisters and three brothers, would shop thrift stores. Her family’s resourcefulness developed in Dani Jay an ingenuity towards fashion.

As she advanced through life’s stages, progressed in her career and consequently, increased her income, Dani Jay’s appreciation for quality clothes steadily grew. While she still finds great gems at TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack, the fashionista’s closet is lined with posh pieces from Neiman Marcus, BCBGMaxazria, Vince, Parker and even Harrods during their more modest seasons. Dani Jay’s personal style is not the only thing that was founded during her childhood.

Tirelessly working, entrepreneurial women like her mother modeled for her the type of woman she should become just as less determined female influences demonstrated qualities that she would avoid. Though her parents were married throughout her upbringing, Dani Jay was impacted by her mother’s stark independence. She never waited for another person to get a job done and at every task, she’d outwork whomever else was in the room. Business women trading their high heels for flats as they started their commute into the city for work as her yellow bus passed inspired young Dani Jay to aspire to greatness.

While Dani Jay steadily advanced in accounting, she’d often find herself using lunch breaks to dream up a role that would fuel her passions. In 2017, the elitist, male-dominated culture of her industry, dissonant romantic relationships and a hypersexualized social climate helped her discover it. With a bulk order of red, black and pink t-shirts and a motto that fully captured her disposition, Dani Jay launched More Than A Pussy.

Drawing from her own fashion sense, Dani Jay began carefully sourcing quality pieces for her brand. As details are the at the essence of Dani Jay’s easy and eccentric style, each More Than A Pussy piece has uncommon elements from perched cat ear ball caps to chain-linked, fringe sweaters.

While More Than A Pussy is the proclamation that Dani Jay needed for herself, the retail brand empowers all women to live lives that amount to more than the gender roles society has prescribed for them. More Than A Pussy is currently a fashion brand but it is also a cause for women’s rights, education and overall wellbeing.